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What quality of service can you expect from Upright Aluminum?

We use top of the line equipment to ensure your satisfaction.
Between our ClearView Screen Enclosures, REVOLUTIONARY Anchors Away Base Track System, and the freshest cut aluminum in Southwest Florida, we guarantee that you will never be left wondering if your new Enclosure or Pergola will withstand Florida's worst weather. We believe wholeheartedly in the old saying "a worker is only as good as the tools they invest in," and you can rest easy knowing that we stay constantly invest in the best equipment available to build you luxurious screen enclosures.

Furthermore, our work is not the only benefit Upright Aluminum offers clients.
Delivering a quality Screen Enclosure or Pergola is not our only priority, by far! With over 20 years of installing screen enclosure systems in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, and Southwest Florida we have learned while working long hours the importance of treating clients like family. Working in the hot sun sure can get tiring, but a hearty smile and quality chit chat is never out of reach when dealing with Upright Aluminum. We feel that superb customer service is part of the luxury screen enclosure business and never shy away from answering questions that help clients understand our work.

As a result, your dream of rest and relaxation becomes a reality!
As much as we would all love to have a nice afternoon sipping a mimosa by the pool after a long work week, Florida has other plans for us. Whether it is annoying mosquitos, or the sheer magnitude of the sun's rays, something is always interfering with our down time. Luckily, our ClearView Screen enclosures are the top of the line answer to most of these issues. You get to enjoy an uninterrupted view and a bugless oasis once our work is done!

At this point, you probably have some questions.
Questions are totally fine, and something we come across quite often in this industry! That is why we have built a thorough, informational Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to better serve you. Our FAQ section covers common questions about ClearView Screen Enclosures, Anchors Away Base Track System, and Pool Screen Enclosure general information.

Upright Aluminum Services

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