Upright Aluminum Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions regarding how we are even able to build screen pool enclosures as large and as sturdy as we do.

With that being said, Upright Aluminum has answers for you below. Explore at your own pace!

How are ClearView Screen Enclosures different than regular pool screen enclosures?

ClearView Screen Enclosures have openings of 10 FEET TO 15 FEET AND EVEN LARGER where most screen enclosures are LUCKY if they ever reach openings of 4 feet wide. This means they virtually disappear!

This is what our competitors think a quality screen enclosure is:

We’ll show you the ClearView Screen Enclosure difference below…isn’t it nice to have a luxurious view?

How can we support these MASSIVE ClearView Screen Enclosures?

We use top-of-the-line SOLID BEAM CONSTRUCTION. This means we go over a foot deeper than the competition to secure screen cages into a 100% concrete foundation!

How is the Solid Beam Construction secured to your pool area?

We use a revolutionary new base track system! Check out our video below to learn more:

How is the Anchors Away Base Track System different?

As you can see from the pictures below, our favorite tool, the Anchors Away Base Track System is both un-rust-able AND 150% bug resistant!



This allows your pool or lanai area to become the most relaxing part of your house after our screen enclosure grants you peace of mind!


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