Upright Aluminum is THE PREMIER Installer of ClearView Screen Enclosures with Solid Beam Construction

Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, and Southwest Florida for over 20 years!


Whether you have been dreaming of a luxurious pool enclosure for years, or just realized you want to know how much it costs for your pool or lanai to reap the benefits of ClearView Screen Enclosures, you are just one click away!

So what makes Upright Aluminum different from other screen enclosure companies?

First off, you're probably wondering what ClearView Screen Enclosures are all about.
Are you interested in finding out what makes our Premier Service so special? If so, watch the video below to learn how our screen enclosures are specially crafted to make your leisure time more enjoyable!

As you can see, we want you to be able to enjoy your view with little to no interruption.
This means larger than life screens with as few aluminum beams as possible! Meanwhile, we stay focused on quality aluminum work within the foundation, confidently taking any worries about the effects of bad weather off of your shoulders. 6 months down the road or 10 years down the road, your ClearView Screen Enclosure will still be standing strong making your best leisure experiences possible!


Are you sick of rusty pool cages? Do bugs & critters annoy you?
Luckily, our new Anchors Away Base Track System solves all these common screen enclosure issues, and more! We included a video covering the technology we use to secure and update your screen enclosures so you can get a visual below.

Fort Myers & Southwest Florida is used to harsh weather. Yet, this is no reason to just accept the harsh conditions. You can be proactive through the Anchors Away system!
Whether your pool area has been swamped with ants and other annoying bugs, or you just want your screen enclosure foundation to look brand new years after construction, Upright Aluminum has been Fort Myers & Southwest Florida's top choice for ClearView Screen Enclosures for close to 20 years!

Screen Enclosures Fort Myers & Southwest Florida

Maybe you are still wondering about the differences between ClearView Screen Enclosures and normal pool enclosures? Perhaps you are still not sold on the Anchors Away Base Track System and would like more information? No worries, we have you covered!